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Whole Beans

Amazing gourmet coffee beans for the specialty coffee lover!

Thank you for visiting the Panama Red Coffee Company Store!

Our Coffee

Our Coffees are roasted to bring out the very best qualities of the coffee bean. We
use a craftsman-style batch roasting method that is simply impossible to produce in a massive assembly-line operation.

Our Coffee beans are selected from hundreds of different kinds of green coffees from around the world. We use only choice arabica beans.

Our Coffees are consistently superior in the cup, where it really matters.
Try our coffee and you will be amazed! Always 100% guaranteed.

“How to Always Get The Very Best Flavor From Your Coffee, Every Time!”

Many of our guests are surprised to learn how a few simple steps can dramatically change their coffee experience to WOW. The best coffee in the world will caffeinate you nicely, but it probably won’t show off all its great flavors UNLESS you know these facts…

Protect Your Coffee From These Five Elements… 1)Time 2) Air 3) Moisture 4) Heat 5) Sunlight

Then Follow these Steps:
• Keep Your Coffee in ‘Whole Beans’.
• Grind Fresh. (for immediate use)
• Use The Correct Grind for Your Process.
• To find Your ratio of coffee to water, Start with Two measured tablespoons (ground) for every 6ozs. of water. (adjust to taste)
• Use Fresh Water and not distilled or hot tap.
• Use water just off the boil. (Water under 200*F will extract LESS flavor from coffee.)

FRESH ROASTED COFFEE has a limited time clock for peak freshness. Great packaging can slow the aging of coffee some; the package sealed tight is a good start, AND Nature’s clock is ticking… Once the bag is opened you’ve got 2 weeks (4 tops) for maximum flavor! Refrigerating coffee will not help. AND while we don’t recommend freezing coffee either, you can and the flavor won’t be as great, room temp (72*) is best.

If you are “compelled” to freeze your beans, do so when you notice the coffee flavor is changing, and take out only what you need for immediate brewing. Freezing forms ice crystals and each time the ice melts on the beans it will reduce flavor. Coffees with more oil on the outside (darker roasts) will lose flavor faster than lighter roasted (less or no oil). Pre-grinding coffee rapidly accelerates flavor loss. Freshness Matters, if you grind as you brew, and follow the steps, you’ll be getting the best from coffee that’s traveled thousands of miles to make your day!

Cheers to WOW, The Staff at Panama Red